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Wellesley rose to prominence as a general during the Peninsular campaign of the Napoleonic Wars , and was promoted to the rank of field marshal after leading the allied forces to victory against the French Empire at the Battle of Vitoria in 1813. Following Napoleon 's exile in 1814, he served as the ambassador to France and was granted a dukedom. During the Hundred Days in 1815, he commanded the allied army which, together with a Prussian army under Blücher , defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. Wellington's battle record is exemplary; he ultimately participated in some 60 battles during the course of his military career.

The five day tour will also include time acknowledging the complex 20th century histories of each country with visits to the Warsaw Rising Museum, Stutthof Concentration Camp, and the Berlin Holocaust Memorial. At each location Their Royal Highnesses will meet survivors of these periods, who will describe their personal experiences.

George Duke - Liberated FantasiesGeorge Duke - Liberated FantasiesGeorge Duke - Liberated FantasiesGeorge Duke - Liberated Fantasies